Search and Search Views

Search allows you to find any task, project, tag, person, or team in your Workspace or Organization.

search bar

Press Tab+/ on your keyboard to focus on the search bar.

Basic search

To run a basic search, type the name or title of any object in the search bar.

basic search

The results of your search will display the following in the autocomplete below:

  1. taskstasksTasks are the basic unit of work in Asana. Tasks can represent any kind of work, break down work into smaller pieces, or store information.Read more
  2. projectsprojectsProjects are lists of tasks.Read more
  3. PortfoliosPortfoliosRead more
  4. conversationsconversationsConversations are how users communicate in Asana. Start a conversation on any project or team page.Read more
  5. teamsteamsA team is a group of people in an Organization who are working together on a collection of projects.Read more
  6. tagstagsUse tags to mark tasks or group together similar tasks.Read more

Advanced Search is a built-in feature of Asana that allows our users to specify additional requirements for a search. It appears at the very end of this display list.

Enter a person's name in basic search to access their My Tasks.

Full text search

Run a full text search to search across every text field in tasks and conversations, including names, descriptions, and commentscommentsComment on a task or conversation to offer help, answer questions, and help move work forward.Read more:

full text search

To run a full text search:

  1. Click into search and enter a keyword
  2. Select View all results with [keyword] > (or press Enter on your keyboard)

You can also choose to search the Asana Guide for results.

search results

The results of your search will then appear in grid view.

Full text searches only returns tasks, subtasks, and conversations in the results.

Advanced Search & Search Views

Search Views are lists of tasks that meet the criteria you specify. Create a Search View to find any specific group of tasks or conversations.

The results of your Search View will only show tasks you have permissions for. Therefore, your colleagues may see different results, even if you're both searching with the exact same parameters.

advanced search button

Create a Search View

  1. Click into search
  2. Select Advanced Search

search parameters

In the Advanced Search window, you will see a number of parameters that you can use to search for tasks or conversations.

You can also filter for Milestones in Advanced Search by clicking +Add Filter then More to choose Milestone.

more search parameters

Click +Add Filter to use additional search parameters. There are a myriad of of search option in every field to narrow the focus. Click the right arrow to select.

Filtering results helps you find exactly what you want, quicker. You can either narrow or broaden your search.


How to modify a search result in Projects:

  1. Click +Add filter
  2. Select Projects
  3. Choose In all of these projects to search for specific projects that you believe contains the term or search phrase
  4. Choose Not in these projects to exclude projects that you know will not contain the term or search phrase

When you create a Search View, every field is optional.

Once you've established your search criteria, click the Search button. The results of your Search View will appear in the main panemain paneWhen you select a project, tag, or person, you will see the relevant list of tasks in the main pane. Read more and the name of the Search View will appear at the top of the headerheaderThe header is part of the user interface between the top bar and the main pane and lets users navigate projects.Read more.

search results

From the search results, you can:

  • Click Refine Search to change your search parameters
  • Click Save Report to add the results under your Saved searches section in your sidebar
  • Click Sort to reorder your tasks

Search views display tasks and conversations that meet the parameters you've set. To add a task to your results, create a task that meets these parameters.

Sort Results

sort results

Select Sort for a variety of fields to sort your search results by.

Discover Guide resources from search

search bar

Use Search to view all results for your search term.

It also scrolls through the Asana Guide for your search term.

Users can search within the Guide through the search bar to locate what they are looking for by simply typing the information to find a Guide match.

Save your Search Views as Saved searches

If there are Search Views you will use regularly, you can save them as saved searches for easier access in the future.

save report

Click the Save Report button to save your Search View as a report. Once saved, your Search View will appear under your Saved searches section beneath your favorites at the top of your sidebarsidebarUse the sidebar to navigate to the dashboard, starred items, projects, and teams. The sidebar can be collapsed.Read more.

Saving a Search View as a report saves the search parameters, so your report will update as you and your colleagues continue to work on tasks.

Rename report

Tap the drop down arrow next to the title to rename a report. You first need to save a report in order for this option to appear.

It is possible to search for tasks quickly in your current project. This is particularly useful if you have a project with a large number of tasks.

project quick search

To search quickly in current project:

  1. Click the three dot icon
  2. Select Search this project

Search Views Quick Tips

There are many parameters you can use in Search Views. Most of them are pretty self-explanatory, but here are some of the lesser known parameters you can use in Search Views:

  • Unassigned tasks - enter "Nobody" in the Assignee field
  • Tasks in no projects - enter "No Project" in the Projects field
  • Tasks with specific tags - choose "Has tags" or "Has all of these tags" in the Tags field
  • Tasks in a Section of a project - after entering a project in the projects field, click the drop down arrow to select a Section in the project to search in
  • No parameter - use the "No Tags" or the "No Project" fields to find all tasks that are not associated with a tag or a project
  • Assigned By - use the Assigned By field to find tasks assigned by a specific Member or Guest
  • Completion Date - use the Completion Date field to find all tasks completed in the last X days
  • Tasks with specific due dates - use the Due, Start, Completion, Creation, or Modification Date fields to select "Between" to find tasks within a certain timeframe, or "On" to show tasks from a specific date

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