Navigating Asana


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Asana's interface is divided into 5 areas:

  1. Sidebar - access homepage, My tasks, inbox, teams, and projects in your workspace or organization
  2. Header - contains the actions and views for the project, My tasks, or view you're currently using
  3. Top bar - Search, quick add, My settings..., and workspace or organization settings
  4. Main pane - displays a list of tasks, messages, calendar, progress or files
  5. Task details pane - contains the details of a task or messages


sidebar highlights

From the sidebar, you can:

  1. Access your homepage, My tasks, inbox, portfolios and goals
  2. Access your favorites
  3. Access your saved searches
  4. View the teams you belong to and join other teams in your organization

Teams are only available in organizations.  


Projects in sidebar

The sidebar lists the projects in your team or workspace. Click any project's name and it will load in the main pane. Or, click the Quick Add button to create a new project.

The lock icon indicates a private project.  

Open up the project to reveal more actions in the project header.

Learn also about the power of dashboards in Asana and how a project level tab containing charts can be used for visual reporting.


Favorite projects, people (their My tasks lists) or tags to save and bookmark them at the top of your sidebar for easier access.

highlight favorites in sidebar

Your favorited items will appear in a fixed position near the top of your sidebar.

Drag and drop to rearrange your favorited items.

add to favorites

Click the star icon in the header to add it to your favorites. Notice the star turns yellow and the project now appears at the top of your sidebar under favorites. To remove it from your favorites, simply click the star icon again.

Only you see what you've favorited. Everyone in your workspace or organization has their own favorites list.

How to unfavorite and duplicate a project

Hover over a project's name and click the three dot icon to reveal 2 project actions.

sidebar project actions

Unfavourite and duplicate

  1. Click the three dot icon next to a project in your sidebar
  2. You can remove projects from favorites
  3. You can choose to duplicate projects

Expand and collapse the sidebar

Collapse the sidebar if you you want more room in your browser window for the main and task details panes.

collapse sidebar

To collapse the sidebar:

Click the menu button at the top of the sidebar.

expand sidebar

To expand the sidebar:

Click the menu button.

Top bar

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From the top bar, you can:

  1. Run a search to find tasks, projects, messages, tags, or people in your workspace or organization
  2. Use Quick Add to create a task, project, message, or invite more people
  3. View Help Content
  4. Access your My settings..., access the workspace or organization settings, or switch between your workspaces and organizations

Quick Add button

The quick add button allows you to easily:

  1. Create a task
  2. Start a project
  3. Create message
  4. Create a team
  5. Invite someone new into your current workspace or organization


help in top bar

Click the ? button to access helpful resources.

Top bar drop-down

Click your profile photo from the top bar to reveal a drop-down menu.

top bar drop down

From the top bar drop-down menu, you can:

  1. Switch between your workspaces and organizations
  2. Upgrade your current workspace or organization
  3. Access your current workspace or organization's settings
  4. Create a new workspace or team
  5. Leave your current workspace or organization
  6. Access your My settings...
  7. Log out of your account

The checkmark indicates the workspace or organization you're currently viewing.


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From the header, you can:

  1. Access actions for the project, My tasks, or search view you're currently viewing (indicated by the down arrow icon)
  2. Favorite the project or My tasks list you're currently viewing (indicated by the star icon)
  3. Set a status for your project
  4. View a list of project members and limited access members
  5. Share your project

Project actions

project actions

Click the down arrow icon to access the following options for a project:

  1. Edit project details - modify the name or description of your project
  2. Color - changes the color of the project
  3. Copy project URL
  4. Save layout as default
  5. Duplicate project
  6. Convert to template if in a paid team or organization
  7. Add to your Portfolio
  8. Import CSV files, email and connect Wuffoo to project. Export your project or My tasks or Print your project
  9. Move to another team (only available in organizations) - move the project to another team in your organization
  10. Archive or Delete your project

Open up the project to reveal more actions in the project header.

Learn more about all of these actions in the project actions article of the Guide.


highlight views

The header allows you to switch between seven different views:

  1. Overview is the team's persistent hub to showcase a birds-eye view of the what, why and how of a project and drive easy understanding of its ongoing context.
  2. List is the default view and displays a list of tasks.
  3. Board view organizes your tasks within columns.
  4. Timeline is a paid feature that creates a project plan and displays how every element of a project fit together.
  5. Calendar view filters only tasks with due dates and displays them in a calendar format.
  6. Dashboard view offers you a real-time Status Update; where you can use pre-configured charts to visually report and communicate project progress.
  7. Use Messages to have discussions, make an announcement, brainstorm, celebrate accomplishments, or talk about any other topic. Messages can be used to communicate directly with people, projects or teams.
  8. Use files to access integrated project files such as Vimeo Video messaging.

Main pane

When you select a project, tag, or person from the sidebar, you'll see the relevant list of tasks in the main pane. This is also where you see search results, Inbox notifications and Messages.

From the main pane, you can:

  1. Add a new task, section or Milestone
  2. Add a task template
  3. Mark a task as complete or incomplete and view/edit the task name
  4. Identify a task's assignee
  5. Identify a task's due date
  6. Filter the list
  7. Sort the list
  8. Customize the list using Custom Fields
  9. Create a link to the task

You can also see the amount of likes a task has received from the main pane.

Task details pane

The task details pane, is where you see the details for a task you've selected in the main pane.

highlight right pane

From the top of the task details pane, you can:

  1. Mark the task completeor incomplete
  2. Upload files
  3. Build a list of subtasks
  4. Copy the task url
  5. Like the task
  6. Access additional task options

highlight right pane

From the task details pane, you can also:

  1. Edit the task's name
  2. Assign the task
  3. Set a due date & time
  4. Identify what project the task is in
  5. Add a description to give the task more context
  6. Post a comment, ask a question
  7. Collaborate or remove yourself as a collaborator on the task

Learn more about the functionality available in the task details pane in the tasks Guide article.

Expand and collapse the task details pane

Collapse the task details pane if you want more room in your browser window for the main pane.

collapse right pane

Click the arrow to collapse the task details pane and close details.

expand right pane

To expand the task details pane, simply click anywhere on the task.

Full screen mode

Enter full screen mode if you'd like to focus on a single task or presenting in a meeting.

enter full screen mode

To enter full screen mode:

  1. Click the three dot icon from the task details pane
  2. Select Full Screen

You can also press Tab+X on your keyboard to enter full screen mode.

full screen mode

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