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The revamped Home page in Asana is your customizable launchpad to start your work day and collaborate with your team. Now, you can combine key actions in a single view: assign tasks, view recent projects, take quick notes, or collaborate with your teammates without leaving Home.

By designing and personalizing your own space, you can tailor Home to whichever way you feel enables you to best focus and fuel your overall productivity.

Header/Achievements Module

The Achievements module allows you to see how much you have accomplished in a given week or month at a glance.

It outlines tasks you’ve completed as well as tasks you’ve collaborated with others on. Completed tasks can be filtered by week or month by simply clicking on the My Week drop down.

header achievement

Customize Menu

Customize the look and feel of your Home page so it feels like home.

You can tailor your Homepage to your liking by incorporating widgets and choosing your desired background color. Add, edit or order your widgets to whichever way works best for you. Drag and drop widgets into Home where you will be able to resize and reorder it depending on your visual preference. If you no longer want widgets as part of your Home, click on remove widget and the widget will return to the customize menu.

customize menu

My Priorities

The My Priorities widget provides a view into upcoming, overdue and recently completed tasks, as well as what projects they originated from, making it easy to prioritize your work

My priorities

Clicking on the three dot icon within the Priorities section will give you the option to:

  1. View in half size
  2. View in full size
  3. View all tasks
  4. Remove widget

Start and End dates

For any given task in the My Priorities widget, you can add or edit start and end dates.

Start and End dates

From the date picker screen you can also:

  1. Add a time
  2. Set to repeat
  3. Clear the date completely

You will also be able to see and organize overdue and recently completed tasks.


The Projects widget allows you to filter through your projects and view the number of tasks due in each project. The widget will automatically default to Recent projects. By clicking on this dropdown, you also have the option to filter by Favorite projects.


Similar to priorities, by clicking on the three dot icon, you will be given the option to:

  1. View in half size
  2. View in full size
  3. Remove widget

You can now at a glance track Projects with tasks that are imminently due within the Projects widget.

Projects tasks due

Click the star in the header of a project to add them to your Favorites.


The Home page intelligently surfaces the teammates that you are frequently collaborating with.


The dropdown to the right of People will give you the option to filter by:

  1. Frequent collaborators
  2. Recent Collaborators
  3. Favorite Collaborators

Frequent Collaborators

Clicking on the three dot icon to the right of the collaborator will allow you to take quick actions directly from the widget. From her you can:

  1. Assign them a task
  2. Send them a message
  3. View your shared work
  4. View their profile
  5. Add to favorites

Click the star in the header of a collaborator’s profile to add them to your Favorite collaborators.

Inviting Team Members

To invite more team members to Asana, click on the arrow to the right until you reach the end of your collaborators list. You’ll find a dedicated card in your People widget to invite new members.

Inviting team members

Click the star in the header of a collaborator’s profile to add them to your Favorite collaborators.

You can invite teammates to tasks and projects using either an email or link.

Frequent Collaborators

Asana Tip: There will always be an indicator under the name of each collaborator as to how many tasks you have worked on with them.

Private notepad

Minimize distractions and context switching through the Private notepad widget. This widget offers a place to write notes to help remember and track ideas without leaving the Asana app.

Private notepad

Coming soon

We are currently adding more widgets to help ensure that your Asana Homepage feels unique and customizable.

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