Homepage and team pages

While your team or Organization may have multiple projects that they’re working from at any given time, there are likely a few specific projects that matter most to you. With your Homepage, you’re able to easily access your most important projects so you don’t have to spend time searching for what you need, and spend more time getting your work done.

Homepage layout

Your Homepage shows you your tasks that are due soon as well as two types of projects: The projects that you’ve favorited show as tiles at the top of your Homepage, and projects you’ve recently visited in the “Recent Projects” list view below your favorite projects. To access a project directly from your Homepage, simply click on the tile or list item.

Homepage Layout

You can switch between tile view and list view for both your favorited and recent projects at any time.

Homepage view

To change your project view on your Homepage

  1. Click on the Change view icon on the top right of each list.
  2. Select View as tiles or View as list

Navigating to My Tasks

You will automatically land in your Homepage whenever you open a new Asana window. To navigate to your My Tasks, click on the My Tasks link in the top of your sidebar.

My Tasks

You can no longer default your first view of Asana to be your 'My Tasks', but if you’re looking to access it more quickly, we recommend bookmarking your My Tasks in your web browser for easy access.

Favorited projects

To favorite a project, search for a project, go to the selected project and click the star icon located directly next to the project’s title. That will make the project show up in your sidebar, as well as on your Homepage.

Favoriting a project

To unfavorite a project, click on the star icon by the favorited project’s name to unstar it. You can also easily unfavorite a project from your Homepage.

unfavoriting a project

To unfavorite a project from your Homepage:

  1. Click the three dot icon when hovering over a project
  2. Select Remove from Favorites

Once you do this, the project will no longer show up in the favorite section of your Homepage or in your sidebar.

You can also drag the projects on your Homepage to reorder your favorite projects. Any change you make to the order of your favorite projects on your Homepage will be reflected in your sidebar as well.

Recent projects

Under your favorite projects you’ll also be able to see the projects you most recently visited. By default, these will show in a list view but you can click the menu icon next to the section titled ‘Recent Projects’ to change to tile view at any time.

Recent projects

You can’t remove any of the projects from your Recent Projects section but as you work in Asana and visit different projects, the list of Recent Projects will update accordingly.

Activity updates

Your Homepage will also show you when action happens in your projects, so you can easily understand what projects may need your attention first.

When viewing your recent projects in tile view, you’ll see a New badge that shows up in the top left corner of a new project that has been shared with you or if you've been assigned a task in a project you haven't visited before.

Activity 1

If you hover over the New badge, it will show you the most recent activity that pertains to you in the project.

Tasks due soon

At the top of your Homepage, you will see your Tasks Due Soon section.

tasks due soon

Your Tasks Due Soon section includes all tasks assigned to you within the next 5 days and they are sorted in chronological order.

Overdue tasks will not appear in your Tasks Due Soon section.

Team pages

We’ve also made updates to our team pages in Asana. Now when you visit a team page in Asana, you’ll get more context about the purpose of the team, who’s in it, and what they’re working on.

You can click into the conversations tab of your Team Page to scroll through recent discussions on different projects within your team and quickly get caught up to speed.

Team page

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