Asana Desktop App


Asana for Desktop puts Asana where you need it by pulling it out of the sea of tabs and helping you frictionlessly capture your work. By removing distraction, this application helps you find flow and better control your work environment.

The Asana for Desktop application is available on both Mac and Windows (not supported on Linux.) It can be downloaded here. All actions and features which are available in the browser version of Asana are also available on desktop.

Logging In Via the Desktop App

Once you have downloaded the Asana Desktop App you can log in using your Asana login credentials.

First, open Asana for Desktop, enter your email address and sign into Asana.

log in 1

Next, you’ll be brought to your browser to verify your credentials.

log in 2

Finally, click Open Asana to open Asana on your desktop app.

log in 3

Native OS Notifications

Desktop leverages native OS notifications, which mirror Browser Notifications in functionality.

Once you’ve installed Asana for Desktop, you will be prompted to open accessed links in the desktop application. You have the ability to open in Asana once or always, or to cancel and open the link in your browser.

App links

If you don't have access to app links on the desktop application - don't fret. This feature is slowly being rolled out and should be available to all desktop users soon.

Right Click Functionality

Right click is streamlined to only include Asana uses.

right click

Top Bar and History

The Top Bar of your Asana for Desktop App is more focused on a few core navigation actions. The History feature also allows you to access your 15 most recent pages.

Top Bar and History

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