Keyboard shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts to speed up your workflow. The main keyboard shortcuts are shown below.

Learn more about rich text formatting in this article.  

Some shortcuts may not work on international keyboards.

My Tasks Mac OS Windows
Mark as Today in your My Tasks Tab-Y Tab-Y
Mark as Upcoming in your My Tasks Tab-U Tab-U
Mark as Later in your My Tasks Tab-L Tab-L

Inbox Mac OS Windows
Move Up/Down K / J K / J
Jump to Inbox tab H H
Jump to Archive tab S S
Follow or Unfollow F F
Archive I I
Move to Inbox U U

Task Actions Mac OS Windows
New Task
Delete Selected Task(s) Tab-BKSP Tab-BKSP
Delete current task (when task name is empty) BKSP BKSP
Complete Selected Task(s) ⌘↵ Ctrl-↵
Move Up/Down ⌘↑ / ⌘↓ Ctrl-↑ / Ctrl-↓
Jump Up/Down to the next Section ⌘⇧↑ / ⌘⇧↓ Ctrl-Shift-↑ / Ctrl-Shift-↓
Copy Selected Tasks ⌘C Ctrl-C
Paste Tasks (One per line) ⌘V Ctrl-V
Assign to Me Tab-M Tab-M
♥ Selected Task   Tab-H Tab-H
Type a colon at the end of a task name to create a Section   : :

Navigation Mac OS Windows
Comment on Selected Task   Tab-C Tab-C
Assign Selected Task   Tab-A Tab-A
Set Due Date   Tab-D Tab-D
Add Follower   Tab-F Tab-F
Add a tag to the task   Tab-T Tab-T
Focus Subtasks   Tab-S Tab-S
Search for a project, tag, person, or task   Tab-/ Tab-/
Jump to the task list Tab-↵ Tab-↵

Selection Mac OS Windows
Change Selection / /
Select Range ⇧-Click Shift-Click
Select Range ⇧↑/ ⇧↓ Shift-↑/ Shift-↓
Multi-select Individual Task   ⌘-Click Ctrl-Click

Application Mac OS Windows
Show Keyboard Shortcuts ⌘/ Ctrl-/
Expand the right pane   Tab Tab
Collapse the right pane   ESC ESC
Enter Focus Mode   Tab-X Tab-X
Quick Add   Tab-Q Tab-Q
Post Comment (From comment field)   Tab-↵ Tab-↵
What it sounds like Tab-B Tab-B

To use the Tab-B keyboard shortcut, you must enable the Tab-B Hack from your Profile Settings  

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