Project Conversations

Use your project's Conversations View to have project-level discussions, brainstorming, or any other topic that goes beyond a single task.

Every project has its own Conversations View.

Accessing Project Conversations

To access project conversations:

  1. Click your desired project from the sidebarsidebarUse the sidebar to navigate to the dashboard, starred items, projects, and teams. The sidebar can be collapsed.Read more
  2. Navigate to the Conversations View from the headerheaderThe header is part of the user interface between the top bar and the main pane and lets users navigate projects.Read more

Notifications with Project Conversations

Depending on the Conversation, different people are notified when the conversation is first posted and when someone comments on the conversation.

Notifications when posting to project Conversations

When someone posts to Conversations, a notification is sent to:

  • All Project membersProject membersSomeone that has access to and receives notifications about a project.Read more
  • Any non-project member @mentioned@mentionedType Read more in the Conversation

A number next to the Post button will show you exactly how many people will be notified when starting a Conversation

Notifications when commenting on a project Conversation

When someone comments on a post, a notification is sent to:

  • The author of the post
  • Anyone who has previously commented on the post
  • Anyone who was @mentioned in the post or any of the post's previous comments

You can see who will be notified by hovering over Collaborators.

Project Conversation Permissions

Access to a project's Conversation is determined by its project permissions.

If somebody has access to the project, then they also have access to all of the project's permissions.

Project: Accessible by:
Public project Team MembersTeam MembersSomeone that has access to all public projects and conversations in a Team.Read more & project members
Private project Project membersProject membersSomeone that has access to and receives notifications about a project.Read more

If you @mention someone in project conversations where their permission is set to private, they will only see the one Conversation they were @mentioned in.

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