Project view in Microsoft Teams


Boost your productivity by combining Asana and Microsoft Teams to create your organization's central hub for teamwork and project work. This integration facilitates collaboration among project stakeholders.

How to view an Asana project within Teams

To see a project view within Microsoft Teams, we recommend using the Website tab option to not only view the project, but to add tasks, edit existing tasks, and enjoy full Asana functionality.

You can add this tab to Teams and Events.

Access project view

Choose the project you want to view.

set up

How to access project view:

  • Navigate to the Team or Event you want to add the project view to, and click the + button at the top
  • Search for Website and select


From the pop up:

  • Add the Website tab so you can access services and enable project view

url link

To view project:

  • Paste the URL or the name of the project you want to add to Asana and save
  • After loading it will unfurl to view the entire Asana project within Teams


You can now view the entire Asana project

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