Microsoft Teams & Asana

Use Asana's integration with Microsoft Teams to add Asana projects to group chats and turn conversations into actionable work, all in one place. Chat with teammates about a project while looking at the full task list, including task assignees, due dates, and complete tasks when they're done. With Asana for Microsoft Teams, you can stay connected and organized, no matter where you're working.

Microsoft Teams and Asana

Teams is a chat-based collaboration tool that provides global, remote, and cross functional teams with the ability to work together and share information via a common space. Users can utilize features like document collaboration, direct messaging, team chat, and task management with Asana. This integration with Asana ensures focus and work continuity wherever you are, at any given time or place. Asana lets you know who is doing what, when.

An Asana bot has been added to Microsoft Teams that facilitates the unfurling of Asana features. It will help you search and find Asana features to reference in Teams conversations, and allow users to create tasks or add messages to existing tasks from Teams.

Microsoft Teams integration is available to all tiers.

Installation steps

Connect Asana to Microsoft Teams to assign tasks and stay accountable by adding the app for yourself and your team.

set up

How to set up Asana for Microsoft Teams integration:

  • Go to the Apps tab in MS Teams
  • Search for Asana Project management
  • Click on Asana
  • Click add to install your app


From the Asana Project Management pop up:

  1. Click Add

How to manage the app for your organization:

manage apps

To manage apps go to the Microsoft Teams admin center, then search for Asana to ensure it is set to allowed. Tick Allow.

Add Asana to the Pinned apps list in Microsoft Teams admin center so that you can find it quicker and choose the order that it is pinned to the navigation bar.

Onboarding flow

When the integration is installed you will have access to the integration bot in your 1:1 chat. You can also add the bot to specific team channels.

You can type in questions and use it to keep you updated about project activity in Asana.


When you interact with the integration for the very first time you will engage with a chatbot. The chatbot will introduce the integration, run through examples of use cases, and provide links to any further guide articles you might need.

How to share links

Users can unfurl tasks, projects, Portfolios, Status updates and Teams to show more information when sharing to a particular team.

share link

To share links:

  • Paste any Asana specific url link
  • Wait for the unfurl to appear
  • Click the Expand icon for further context
  • Link to the team and send


You can then view in its entirety by clicking View in Asana.

You can find tasks, projects and Portfolios by clicking on the Asana logo in the message composer.

find task

Searching for tasks, projects or Portfolios:

  1. Click the Asana logo in the message composer
  2. You can search for any task, project or Portfolio within this menu

How to create a new task

create new task

To create a task:

  1. Click the + button in the Asana message composer dialog
  2. Select Create new Task
  3. Fill out details in the pop up screen that appears
  4. Click on Create task

create task 2

You can create new Asana tasks anywhere in Teams. You can use the create task command with Asana bot, the option from the composer or within any message in a conversation. You can assign it to a team mate, set a due date and add it to an Asana project.

How to add a message to a task

Adding message 1

To add a message to a task:

  • Under the 3 dot icon options click on More actions and choose Add message to task
  • Via a pop up window you can search and choose an existing Asana task for the message to be added to

Adding message

You can then add this message to a task as a comment.

Setting notifications

Navigate to any team channel or 1:1 chat.


How to access notifications:

  1. In the + menu, select Link Project
  2. Select a project that you want to receive notifications for


Configuring notification settings for Microsoft Teams

MT notifications

From the Asana message composer:

  1. Navigate to notification settings from the + menu in the Asana dialogue pop up
  2. Select which communication notifications you wish to receive

choose notifications

You will then be notified about all new activity in the project that you have selected.

Custom Notifications

You can create custom notifications using Asana’s Rules feature. Users can send a custom message to a channel whenever a task is updated or moved, automatically. Learn how.

custom notification

From the Add rule pop up:

  • You can send a customized channel message via Microsoft Teams with task updates

Asana bot

The Asana bot for Microsoft Teams will chat with the app to ask questions and find things. It will return a response based on input from, you, the user. There are a number of commands you can use with this app to save time. Interactions are seamless.

Bot interactions:

bot interactions

From the Asana chatbot you have the option to select your workspace or switch to another one to suit your project needs with the command change workspace.

MSFT Teams Meetings

Asana’s Microsoft Teams integration also works with Teams Meetings.

This gives our users an opportunity to turn unstructured conversation into trackable work in Asana and reduces the need to switch tools.

When you add the Asana integration to a Meeting event in Teams, you’ll be able to:

  • Quickly create tasks without leaving the meeting window
  • See a summary of tasks created in a meeting

How to set it up

The meeting organizer needs to add the team or event to the integration before the meeting starts.

This is supported in the Teams Desktop App and will not appear in meetings when accessing in a browser window.

Navigate to the team event you want to add the integration to and click the + button at the top of the screen

navigate to team event

The first step requires the designated meeting organizer to add the team or event to the integration. It’s currently not possible to add this feature from within the meeting - you have to add it in the meeting edit/settings.

Keep work connected

add tab

Add the Asana tab:

  • Search for ‘Asana’, and select it to add the Asana tab
  • Click Add to confirm

add asana

To join the meeting

connect to asana

Connect to Asana:

  • Next you will be prompted to Connect to Asana click on this
  • After you authenticate with Asana, select a workspace to prep for the meeting
  • Join meeting event

add asana

Create tasks, and review any tasks you’ve created within the Event or Team. Tasks created in Teams are by default only visible within Teams to the user who created them. Tasks will always be found in Asana.

This view is only available to meeting organizers, and is a great place to assign out prep or note taking tasks for the meeting, or to review tasks you created after the meeting ends.

How to create tasks:

When you join the event, you’ll also see the Asana logo in your meeting menu. Clicking it will open a side panel where you can create tasks mid-meeting, and review tasks you’ve created in the meeting.

create tasks in ms

Other attendees will also see this in their menu, and will be able to authenticate and create tasks as well.

Any tasks created here will also be visible in the ‘Tab’ for reviewing tasks post-meeting.

Why use Teams Meetings?:

After loading this Asana 'App' within the Teams Meeting video call experience, users can:

  • Create tasks without navigating away from the video call
  • Have a record of these tasks
  • Have continuity in spontaneous creative bursts without tool switching
  • Have a productive meeting of minds
  • Convert ideas to action

If you’re wondering how to view a project-level view of tasks within Teams, visit the page here where we take you through how to assess the complete Asana project in MSFT Teams to enjoy even more functionality.

Key use cases

With this integration your team can stay focused on their goals, projects and tasks wherever they are. You will always know the status of work happening across your team.

  • Define key information - This integration allows users to create an Asana task from Teams, and incorporate any contextual information (such as a message). Users can define key information such as task name, description, due date, assignee and/or custom fields.

  • Keep up to date - Collaborators in Teams can now be updated about important context and progress from Asana as it happens.

  • Reference to Asana - When a work related discussion is occurring in Teams, you can reference related Asana projects, tasks and other information easily so that your team members and discussion participants can have more context, clarity and workflow transparency so that they never feel out of the loop.

  • Accountability - Chat with teammates about a project while looking at the full task list, including task assignees, due dates, and complete tasks when they’re done. Teams can move faster and accomplish more.

  • Seamless - No need to switch tools. With Teams Meetings users can turn unstructured conversation on the fly into trackable work in Asana.

Need help? Check out Microsoft's Support page here.

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