Gmail Add-On

Turn Asana emails into tasks from directly within your Gmail inbox. Use the Asana for Gmail add-on to turn emails into tasks, assign responsibility, set due dates, and sync to projects. This add-on needs to be downloaded from the Gmail Add-on marketplace and also works with the Gmail app on Android and iOS.

You'll also be able to select which, if any, of the email attachments you want to add to the task in Asana.

If you are the Admin for your domain, you can install the add-on for your entire Organization. Please note that it can take up to 7 days for the add-on to show up with Admin install.

Additionally, Admins are now required by Google to enter the OAuth2-client-id to whitelist the app. Asana's OAuth2-client-id is the following:

Click on the Asana icon in the upper right corner and sign into the add-on using your Asana account details.

gmail add-on sign-in

Open an email and look for the Asana logo in the upper right of the screen. If the add-on was just installed, it might not show up right away. If this happens, try refreshing the page, logging out and then in, and/or opening several email messages. Google add-ons can sometimes take a few seconds to load.

gmail add-on logo

Once the sidebar on the right opens, you will be able to see the option to create a task from within your email.

gmail add-on create a task

When creating a task, you can change the task name, search for assignees, add it to a project and set a due date.

gmail add-on create task details

If the side pane does not open automatically, click the greyed out Asana icon in the upper right of the screen to re-open it.

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