Tasks on Android

Create a task

Create Task

To create a task:

  1. Tap the quick add icon
  2. Add a task title
  3. Tap to add an Assignee or Due Date
  4. Add a description
  5. Add your task to a project
  6. Add a subtask
  7. Tap to add Collaborators

The task will then appear in your My Task list view once you tap Create.

By default the task you create will be Private to you. Upon creating your task, privacy indicators will be visible, indicating if the task is Private or Public.

The fields when creating a task are context sensitive. If you tap the Quick Add button from:

  • Your My Tasks - the assigneeassigneeThe person responsible for the task or subtask. Asana allows one assignee per task or subtask.Read more will automatically populate as you
  • Another Member's My Tasks - the assignee will automatically populate as that person
  • A project - the project affiliation will automatically populate to that project

You can still change a task's assignee or project even if either of those fields are already populated.

It is also possible to create a task in Asana via the Share menu in other apps on your Android device.

Edit a task

Edit Task

To edit a task:

  1. Tap on the task from your My Tasks list view
  2. Edit the Assignee or Due Date
  3. Add a task description
  4. Add a Project or Subtask
  5. Tap to add an attachment
  6. Add a comment/ @ mention someone/ take a photo/ Add an image or attachment
  7. Add Collaborators to your task
  8. Complete/ Like/ share your task/ or tap the three dot icon to view more options

Task comments

task comments

When you tap and hold a task comment, you can:

  1. Pin a comment to the top
  2. Copy the comment
  3. Edit the comment
  4. Delete the comment

Appreciation Stickers

Appreciation stickers are a way to empower users to collaborate on tasks. They're animated and illustrated characterizations that users can add via the Appreciations icon picker. These stickers are a great way to give recognition and kudos to teammates and collaborators on anything from milestones to completed tasks and status updates.


  1. You can access Appreciation stickers through comment section of any task, status update etc. by clicking on the Appreciations icon picker
  2. The stickers will then appear in line with other comments, updates or questions

Recurring tasks

To create a recurring task, tap the Due Date field at the top of your screen.

recurring tasks

recurring task 2

From the next screen:

  1. Tap Options
  2. Select Set to Repeat
  3. Choose the frequency for how often the task repeats
  4. Click the drop-down arrow to select Never, Daily, Periodically, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly.

A recurring task will only duplicate itself for the next time it is set to be due after it has been marked complete.

Adding a start date or due time

Start dates

Add a start date to your tasks so you know when to start your work, how long it should take, and never miss another due date.

start date 1

To add a start date:

  1. Tap Options
  2. Then, tap Add Start Date

Enter the day you need to start working on your task as your start date. Then enter the date you need to complete your task by as your due date.

start date 2

Due time

You can add a due time to your task at any time.

add due time 1

To add a due time:

  1. Tap Options
  2. Then, tap Add Due time

Add a time for your task.

start date 2

Drag and drop

Tap and hold tasks to drag and drop them to manually order your tasks.

drag and drop

Drag and Drop is only possible when the list is sorted by priority.

Swipe options

Swipe a task left to mark it complete. Swipe a task right to pick an assignee, due date, or to delete it.


If you have the Celebrations Hack enabled, you may see a narwhal jet triumphantly across your screen after completing a task.

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