Manage and prioritize tasks

It’s stressful and time consuming when your to-do list is a guessing game or you’re not sure if you’re working on the most important thing. By prioritizing and managing tasks with Asana, you can better manage your workload to hit deadlines and stay productive.

What is My Tasks?

My Tasks is your personal to-do list. It helps you prioritize and visualize your day’s work by automatically showing all tasks assigned to you and when they’re due. Come back to My TasksMy TasksAll tasks assigned to an individual can be found in their My Tasks list.Read more throughout the day to check off tasks you’ve completed, see any new work that’s come in, and get started on your next task.

SCREENSHOT of My Tasks view in Asana with tasks organized by what’s due today, soon, and new work assigned

Any task created in My Tasks will be private to only you. You can keep it private, or add it to any relevant projects.

Watch a tutorial

How to Asana is a short tutorial series that you can follow along with to practice and learn Asana quickly. Or you can click through our short Asana Lesson.

Tips to manage and prioritize your tasks

  • Check My Tasks when you start your day so you can see what you need to do now, and what’s next. Create new tasks for any other to-dos so nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Use Calendar View to visualize your schedule. If your tasks have start and due dates, you can see the timespan you’ll be working on them to plan accordingly.
    • If you have an upcoming vacation or need to adjust a deadline, just drag and drop tasks on the calendar to their new due date.
  • Make emails actionable with the Asana for Gmail Add-on, Asana for Outlook app, or email forwarding to quickly turn emails into tasks, instead of trying to manage your work and to-dos all via email.

GIF of My Tasks view in Asana to organize all work assigned to you

  • Prioritize your tasks as Today, Upcoming, or Later in My Tasks by dragging and dropping them or using shortcut keys.
  • Mark tasks for Today if they’re due or need to be worked on that day.
  • Mark tasks as Upcoming if you need to keep them on your radar for the week.
  • Mark tasks as Later if you don’t need to focus your immediate attention on them.
  • Before you mark a task as later, give it a due date (even if it’s a guess), then it will automatically show up in the Upcoming section a week out from its due date (and in Today on its deadline.) That way no tasks get lost.

SCREENSHOT of different task views in Asana

  • Sort your work by due date, complete or incomplete tasks, or on a calendar so you don’t get caught by surprise or forget about an upcoming project.
  • Mark task dependencies so you know when you can get started without having to keep asking a teammate about the status of their task. You’ll get notified when they complete the task you’re waiting on.

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