Stay up to date with My Inbox

The more you and your team create, work on, and complete tasks, the more you’ll rely on notifications to keep track of progress. InboxInbox My Inbox displays activity on tasks, projects, or conversations a user follows. Read more is your go-to place in Asana to stay on top of work and check notifications.

How to use My Inbox

Click on My Inbox to see your notifications in Asana

Click on My Inbox in the top bar to see your notifications. When you have new notifications, you’ll see an orange dot next to My Inbox, as well as a black dot in your browser tab. Here you can view new notifications, and take action on them right from Inbox. To remove the notification from your inbox, click the X next to it to archive it. Once archived, all notifications stay in the archive, so you don’t need to worry about deleting them to clear up space.

You can navigate back to archived notifications by clicking Archive and move them back into Inbox if necessary.

Checking My Inbox

View new notifications in your Asana Inbox

When your teammates first start out, it might take some time for everyone to adjust to switching between email and Asana and to communicate primarily in Asana. This gets easier over time, especially as you track more work in Asana. Here are some ways to help you transition:

From email to Asana

  • Make sure you have email notifications turned on to get updates about new activity from your team in Asana. If you use Gmail for work, you can jump directly to a task in Asana by clicking the View Task button on a notification email from the Gmail inbox view. Eventually you can turn these off and just rely on your Asana Inbox.

  • Forward emails to Asana, so emails become tasks.

  • As you add tasks to Asana, invite or loop in your teammates by adding them as task followers instead of forwarding and CC’ing them on emails.

Work from My Inbox

  • Commit to checking your Asana Inbox two to three times a day at first to start getting in the habit of using Asana for team communication.

  • Keep Asana open in your browser while you’re working and check your Inbox for the latest updates on the work that’s important to you.

Why Inbox?

Inbox keeps your team up to date with the latest activity on conversations, projects, and tasks. You’ll spend less time sharing updates, tracking down the status of work, and organizing messages and more time doing the real work behind them. Remind your teammates of the benefits:

1. Less time spent on back and forth communication

  • Inbox notifications generate automatically as you complete and take action on your tasks, so you don’t have to check in as often to make sure teammates “got that attachment” or to ask if they’ve finished work you’re waiting on.

  • For example, when you complete a task, a notification is generated for any task followers. Followers can heart the completion to show that they saw that it’s done. No extra messages necessary.

2. Updates stay with tasks

  • When you click on a task from Inbox, you’ll see the task description, comments, attachments, and due date.

  • Having everything in one place means you don’t have to track them down or re-organize them in Inbox—work is already organized into projects, tasks, and conversations.

3. You’re in control of the messages you receive

  • You can always follow or unfollow tasks and conversations to receive or stop receiving Inbox notifications.

  • Your team won’t get notified when you follow and unfollow the conversation.

  • If you start to follow a task or conversation that’s already in progress, you don’t need to piece together separate emails or documents to make sense of the work.

4. You can take action right from Inbox

  • When new tasks are added to projects you belong to, you can heart or complete the tasks right from the Inbox notification.

  • Conversations that mention tasks also show a task preview, from which you can take direct action.

  • You can turn on the “Reminder Tasks from Inbox” hack to create a follow-up task from any Inbox notification.

Learn more: My Inbox

My Inbox is a critical part of tracking your work in Asana, and once you get used to checking notifications here, you’ll be even more tuned in to what your team is doing, and how that affects your workflow for the day.

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