Add and manage more projects

Now that you’ve created your first project and are getting more familiar with Asana, you might want to add more projects, use templates, or manage multiple projects. This article will walk you through more ways you can easily create projects and resources to help you do so.

Import projects from spreadsheets

Asana helps you manage work and projects in one place—but that’s hard to do if you’re still using spreadsheets for some projects and not others. If you have projects and workflows that you plan and manage in a spreadsheet (or from a tool like Trello), you can use our CSV importer to quickly get them into Asana. Organizing your spreadsheet like the example below helps you translate columns directly into Asana fields, like assignee and start/due dates.

Have other columns in your spreadsheet that track things like priority or status? You can create new custom fields (or use existing ones you already have in Asana) to capture them during the import process.

Save time with templates

Don’t start new projects from scratch—start with Asana templates

On the flip side, if you need help starting a new project, you can always use one of our project templates. Our pre-made templates help you set up a variety of workflows that you can further customize to meet your team’s needs.

Have projects you repeat often? Save them as custom templates

If there are processes and projects you know you’ll use frequently, like new teammate onboarding or month-end closing, save them as custom templates. Then you know you’re not missing a step and don’t have to waste time reinventing the wheel every time.

To save a project as a template, just click the project header dropdown then Convert to a Template. These templates can be used by anyone in your Organization.

GIF of accessing templates created by users and by Asana

Templates can be even easier to follow by adding rules to them. Rules automatically assign tasks, update Asana fields, and much more.

Learn how teams like yours create and manage their projects

Asana is intended for all kinds of teams, regardless of size or function. Check out the following pages for more tips on building the best workflow for your team:

  • Browse through our template gallery and get tips and best practices to manage your projects like a pro.
  • Don’t see your team or use case? Join our Community Forum to share your process or ask others for their tips on building the perfect process for a specific project.
  • Watch our customer webinars for in-depth conversations and screenshares of how real customers plan and manage their work with Asana.

Manage multiple projects with Portfolios

Once you’ve got more projects in Asana, you’ll likely want to keep track of multiple projects at once. You can do this with a portfolio. A portfolio is a collection of multiple projects where you can see their statuses, due dates, owners, priority level, and more in one view or on a timeline.

This saves you time tracking down status updates, and helps you home in on projects that need your attention most. It’s also a clear, comprehensive view you can share with key stakeholders that need a high-level view (versus task-by-task updates) and keeps your team aligned on progress.

Portfolios are the best way to keep track of all projects for a specific initiative or team in one place

Learn more about project management with Asana

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