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By now, you and your test team should feel more comfortable using Asana to track your work. You’re probably getting better at using many features already (and might have discovered some along the way.) Now you’re ready to move from easy to-dos to more powerful workflows.

More ways to use Asana

Asana is intended for all kinds of teams, regardless of size or function. Below are four approaches to common workflows to help you get started or give inspiration. You can also visit our examples page for more ideas, or try out an Asana-created template to get up and running in a few clicks


Create a pipeline project with sectionssections Sections let teams organize your task lists. Divide projects or My Tasks list based on category, workflow stage, or priority. Read more representing process stages. Then, move the tasks through the stages as they advance. For example, you could use this for a sales pipeline, tracking job applicants, organizing tasks by priority level, and beyond.

Create pipeline projects in Asana to represent process stages

For more detailed instructions, check out our pipelines example.

Work requests

Streamline work requests by creating a project where you can easily sort requests by priority level and assign the work out. You can create a template task for other teammates to copy when they make a request so needs are clearly communicated for both parties.

Use Asana to streamline work requests and try a board to visualize them

For more detailed instructions, check out our work requests example.

Meeting agendas

Plan and run your meetings in Asana. Start by creating projects for each of your recurring meetings, and add meeting attendees as project members. Add tasks leading up to the meeting, and you’ll have an agenda when the meeting begins. Type a colon at the end of any task name to create sections to organize the agenda tasks.

Keep your meetings organized and on track with an Asana meeting agenda

For more detailed instructions, check out our meeting agendas example.

Ideas and brainstorms

When it comes to note taking and brainstorming, Asana can fully replace sticky notes, whiteboards, and notebooks. Just create a project and add tasks (which don’t need to be assigned) for every idea. You could also start a project or team conversation to gather ideas from your teammates.

Save your ideas, and make them actionable in Asana

For more detailed instructions, check out our ideas and brainstorms example.

This list is just the start of the many ways you can use Asana for tracking all your team’s work. You can check out our Ways to use Asana page to see workflow examples specifically by team, and to get even more ideas.

Learn more about project management with Asana

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