Add company-wide workflows

One way of getting other teams comfortable with Asana is to implement workflows that are applicable company-wide. Here are some general workflows we recommend starting with.

Meeting agendas—Plan and run your meetings in Asana. Create a project for any meeting (especially recurrent ones), and share them with meeting attendees. Add tasks leading up to the meeting and prioritize topics beforehand. Pull up the project during the meeting and use it to assign follow-up tasks.

Goal tracking—Track and share your team’s goals in a project. Set goals by month, quarter, or year, and then share the project with other teams so everyone in your company knows what you are working on and why. Keep your team up to speed on progress by updating the project status.

Roadmaps—To keep track of your team’s milestones and plans, create a roadmap project and include tasks that are currently being worked on, upcoming tasks, and a backlog of tasks that need to be prioritized and scheduled later.

Launches—Create a cross-functional project for product, engineering, marketing, sales, and support teams to plan, schedule, and track upcoming launches and releases. This project will keep everyone on the same page, even when there are many moving pieces.

New hire onboarding—Create a project for the key paperwork, administrative tasks, and reading that all new hires need to complete as tasks. When a new hire starts, just copy the project and assign the tasks to the new hire. Use @mentioning@mention Type "@" followed by the name of a teammate, project, task, conversation, or tag to create a link to them in a description or comment field. Read more to link to other useful projects like reference materials, staff announcements, and company goals. You can even make a team-specific new hire onboarding project.

Copying projects—If your team follows the same set of steps or processes regularly, create a project with a standard set of tasks, and duplicate it when you are about to start it. This way, project planning is fast and you won’t miss any steps in the process.

Using Asana-created templates—Check out pre-made templates to make projects for common workflows based on our best practices. Templates are an easy and fast way to start tracking your work in Asana.

For more detailed explanations of these example workflows, and instructions on how to set them up, check out our use cases page in the Guide, or try out our templates in Asana.

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