Event management & planning

Marketing event management and planning typically involves a lot of stress, many to-do lists, hundreds of emails, and more deadlines than you know what to do with. Whether your next event has ten or 10,000 attendees, Asana is the perfect event planning tool. Track your progress leading up to and during the event, manage vendors, set up a day-of checklist, and even manage your guest list in Asana.

Tribeca Film Festival plans and runs events with Asana


Setting up your event management project

  1. Create a new project for your event. Give the project a descriptive name like “Annual User Conference” or “Q2 Customer Dinner.” Add a description to the project with a high-level overview.

  2. Organize your event planning timeline with sections based on your workback calendar. Use headings like “5 weeks out,” “4 weeks out,” “Day before,” etc.

  3. Add tasks to each section. Add a description to each task to be clear what needs to get done and attach all relevant files and information. Add due dates so everyone knows when the work needs to be done.

  4. Involve your teammates. Invite them to your project, assign tasks to the appropriate teammates, and add key stakeholders as task followers to stay informed.

  5. Add a section titled “Day of event timeline.” Run through your day-of schedule and add tasks for each step, including set up, vendor arrivals, guest arrivals, dinner, bar closes, etc. Add a due time for each task. As the event progresses, you can complete tasks from your mobile device to make sure you’re staying on schedule.

Want to skip the setup? Premium users can create a project with our event planning template in Asana.

Launch Party project in Asana

Do more with your events project

Use custom fields

Custom fields enable you to add more data to tasks in Asana projects. Field names and values are customizable, and you can create drop-down, number, or text fields to capture specific information. For an event, you could use number fields to show the cost for each item, then use multi-select to add up the total to make sure you’re within budget.

You could also categorize the piece of planning that the task ties to (e.g., budget, lodging, catering, booth setup, etc.) Then you can see the tasks by category in context with timeframe to make sure you haven’t missed a step.

Plan marketing events easily with Asana

Add custom fields to your event planning project by clicking the project actions drop-down menu and selecting Manage Custom Fields. From here you can create and manage your custom fields for cost or whatever other data you need to track.

How to create custom fields in Asana How to manage custom fields in Asana

Guest list

Keep track of your guest list in Asana. Use a Google Form for guests to RSVP and forward form responses to Asana to turn them into tasks with all the relevant information. You could even use this project as the check-in list. As each guest arrives at your event, mark the task complete from your mobile device, whether you’re on or offline.

If you use custom fields, you can add a drop-down field to mark attendance as ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

Use dependencies

If certain tasks for your event are dependent on one another, you can mark tasks as waiting on one another so they are completed in the right order. For example, you can mark “book a venue” as waiting on “approve event budget.” Once the budget task is complete, the assignee for booking a venue will receive a notification, and can pick the location.

Outside vendors

Use your project to manage interactions with outside vendors. Create a task for each vendor and subtasks for each step of the process, including getting a quote, finalizing the contract, confirming the timeline, and paying the invoice. When you receive an invoice in your email, use email forwarding to create a task in Asana.

Copy a project

If you are hosting a series of events, create a project template. Add items to the template based on lessons learned during previous events. Make a copy of the project for every new event in the series.

Gone are the days of managing an event with a clipboard. With Asana, your team will be organized and prepared for your next event, ensuring that your customers and prospects have the best possible experience.

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