New hire onboarding

When new hires start, it can be challenging (and require a pileup of emails) to get these employees all the information they need, make sure they complete required paperwork, and ensure a smooth transition. Generally, it takes eight months for a newly hired employee to reach full productivity. By using a project template in Asana, you can track the onboarding process from start to finish. Employees will know what they need to do and where to find information, so they can get up and running quickly.

Create an onboarding template

  1. Create a project to use as your onboarding template. Name the project “[Name] HR Onboarding Template.” For every new employee, you will make a copy of this project and update the project name with their name.

  2. Organize the project by adding sections such as “Benefits,” “401k,” “IT,” “Reference.”

  3. Add tasks to each section like “Register for benefits,” “Enroll in our 401k plan,” “Connect company printers to your computer.” Provide clear instructions in the task description, attach any necessary files, and use @mentions to reference other tasks or projects. Assign tasks such as “Order computer” to someone in the right department.

  4. When a new hire starts, copy the project by selecting Copy Project from the project dropdown. Edit the name of the project to include the new hire’s name, for example: “John Kramer HR Onboarding.” Invite any teammates involved in the onboarding process to the project and assign tasks to your new teammate.

  5. When the new hire starts, they will know what paperwork and other tasks they need to do to complete their onboarding. New employees can also ask questions directly in any task and be empowered to take the next step.

HR Onboarding Template project in Asana

Do more with onboarding

Team-specific onboarding

In addition to having an HR project for paperwork and benefits, each individual team or manager can create a team-specific onboarding template project. Team onboarding can include tasks unique to that function but not the entire company. If some of the tasks are the same from each template, you can store tasks in multiple projects so work isn’t duplicated or confusing to the candidate.

For example, Sales might have a document about the sales pipeline and lead scoring—create a task in the template to review these and attach the documents. Other tasks might include “Have coffee with John” or “Review strategic plan.” Assign tasks to the appropriate team members and ensure a smooth transition for your new teammate.

See onboarding progress

If you’re the HR manager, add new hire onboarding projects to your Dashboard so you can see how the new hires are progressing. You can also add a task for yourself directly in the template to check in with each new hire after a week.

Creating onboarding templates in Asana streamlines the onboarding process and gets new hires accustomed to using Asana for work from day one.

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