Company goals and milestones

At the beginning of the year, most companies establish new goals and objectives to guide their work with a strategic planning process. As time passes and you get caught up in the day-to-day flow of work, it’s easier for those ideas to get hazy. They’re tucked away in a hard-to-find document, you’re unsure how other teams are working towards them, or they don’t always guide your management meetings. Using Asana for strategic planning and goal tracking helps keep your objectives top of mind, and communicate on your progress, so you know what’s progressing and how.

Pantheon sets company objectives with Asana


Company goal tracking and milestones

  1. Create a list or board project and name it “Company goals & milestones.” We recommend sharing this project with everyone in your company, but you can choose to keep it private to managers if you prefer.

  2. Use sections to categorize the objectives by team, time period, priority level, etc.

  3. File tasks under these sections for specific team goals or milestones. Give each objective a due date to view them all in Calendar View.

  4. Use conversations to check in on progress at a high level and facilitate cross-departmental communication. Managers can quickly see and find work occurring outside of their direct team that still impacts them.

Want to skip the setup? Premium users can create a project with our strategic planning template in Asana.

Company goals and milestones in list view Company goals and milestones in boards view

Do more: Connect goals, work, and meetings

Store tasks in multiple projects

You can see the same information in different contexts without duplicating efforts. If an overall company goal pertains to a specific project, you can keep the goal in both places to keep efforts focused and show how you’re working towards it.

Task added to multiple projects


@mention other people, tasks, and projects by typing @ and the name of the project, task, conversation, or teammate you want to connect. @mentioning tasks and projects give context and show task dependencies. @mentioning stakeholders adds them as followers so they can pose and respond to questions.

@mentioning a teammate to a task

Asana gives managers the centralized, connected workspace they need to align their team’s efforts to overall company goals and objectives, while also aligning them with other teams.

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