Progress reports

As a leader in your organization, you are likely responsible for knowing project progress on a day-to-day basis, providing status updates to other managers, identifying risks, and understanding how your team’s work impacts other teams. Asana empowers managers to keep a pulse on project progress, without calling more meetings or micromanaging team members.

Peloton tracks progress with Asana


Tracking project progress with Dashboards

  1. Add your team’s major projects to your Dashboard to get a high-level view of the progress and status of projects.

  2. Customize your Dashboard View by dragging and dropping the project cards in priority order, by project owner, alphabetically, or by status color.

  3. Ensure Project OwnersProject Owner Every project can have one Project Owner. They are able to set status updates for the project. Read more and team leads are updating their respective projects at a regular cadence so everything is up to date.

  4. Pull up your Dashboard in meetings or presentations to show where work stands.

My Dashboard in Asana

Ask every project owner to update their project status regularly, especially when milestones are reached, or if the project is getting off track. Knowing the status will help you and your team take the appropriate action quickly.

Custom views and reporting

My Tasks

For a more granular view of what each team member is working on, search for a specific person by name. The Search View will display all the tasks they have planned for Today, Upcoming, and Later, in addition to new tasks assigned to them. You can star your team members’ tasks lists and access them from the sidebar for a quick view of what your team members’ priorities are.

My Tasks in Asana

Dashboard reporting with Google Sheets

If you’re an avid user of My Dashboard, and handle many projects that you need to compare on a deeper level, you can use Dashboard reporting in Google Sheets. With this integration, you can access project data directly from Asana and create custom reports and visualizations to see what’s on track and what needs attention—all from within Google Sheets.

My Dashboard with Open Report in Google Sheets highlighted

Search Views

Use search to create custom reports of completed work, upcoming work, priority work, and work across teams and projects. You can search across all Asana fields, from assignee to completion date, and more. For quick access and to save your search criteria, star and rename your Search Views.

Search dropdown with fields for search criteria

Useful search views when you want to know…

Do I need to follow up with anyone?

  • Tasks I’ve assigned that are incomplete

What has my team gotten done recently?

  • Tasks completed in the past X days

What is the team working on next?

  • Incomplete tasks due in the next X days

Are any tasks past due?

  • Incomplete tasks due in the past X days

Track progress

Using Asana’s versatile project Dashboards and Views means knowing the status of projects and goals—and seeing them in the correct context. When you have up-to-date and relevant information, you can make decisions quickly, plan your team’s work with greater accuracy, and achieve the results you’re looking for.

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