Manager communications

In addition to their own team, managers also work with other managers to share resources, facilitate cross-departmental communication, and ensure progress towards overall company objectives. Unfortunately, “manager communications” often mean scattered emails, meetings, and hard to find, out-of-date documents. Asana gives managers a way to communicate and share resources easily and privately—no more meetings about meetings or endless manager email threads.

Building a management team

  • Create a team in Asana exclusively for managers. Scroll to the bottom of the sidebar and click Create New Team, or click the + button next to any existing team. Invite only managers and keep the team hidden.
  • Make a project for manager resources in the manager team. House the resources in individual tasks (remember, tasks don’t always need to be actionable!) You might want to include things like:
    • Onboarding materials and training documents
    • Performance review templates
    • Coaching Q&A’s
    • Performance improvement plan templates
    • Professional development resources
  • Use team conversations to share sensitive information, updates pertinent to management, or to get advice from other managers.
    • Replace your management team email distribution list with these conversations in Asana, so that managers can follow and unfollow threads easily.
    • Make the conversation actionable by creating a task directly from the conversation.

Resources for Managers project in Asana

Keep your org chart in Asana. Make a project and create a section for each manager, with tasks for each direct report’s name. When employee changes occur, move the task to another section, rename it, or delete it.

Do more with management meetings

Management meetings can be inefficient, lengthy, and unclear about next steps. Using Asana keeps everyone on track, with a clear meeting agenda and record of what needs to happen next.

  1. Navigate to the management team in Asana, and create a new project for a management and/or board meeting by using the Quick Add button in the top bar, or the + button next to existing management team projects. Add meeting attendees as project members.

  2. Similar to conducting and planning other meetings in Asana, you can use sections to organize the management meeting agenda. Everyone comes prepared and aware of what’s on the docket. For example:

    • Recurring (you can use recurring due dates so these appear every time)
    • Discuss this week
    • Revisit later
    • Action items
  3. Contribute topics as separate tasks. Attach relevant documents and add context to these tasks using task descriptions. You can also use conversations and comments to generate asynchronous discussion to save time in the meeting.

  4. During the meeting, designate a notetaker and store the minutes in a task for reference or for anyone unable to attend. Make sure to assign any relevant action items to their owners.

Management Meeting project in Asana

Meet your company objectives together

Managers have a multitude of responsibilities, but they often lack the single, collaborative space they need to actually work as a team. Asana provides that space where managers learn from one another, communicate, and collaborate to achieve the company’s goals—without adding extra work.

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