Product feedback

Collecting meaningful product feedback entails gathering it from many sources. Centralizing feedback in Asana helps keep your team updated on feedback as it comes in, so they can quickly spot trends and make decisions about actioning feedback. Using Asana to collect product feedback can help you iterate faster, and ultimately deliver a better product that your customers want.

Creating a product feedback project

  1. Create a new project for every new feature or product to collect feedback. Name it “Redesign feedback” or “[Feature name] feedback”. The product manager for that feature should be the Project Owner.
  2. Add internal team members as project members to the project. They will receive notifications in My Inbox when tasks are created in the project so they can see feedback as it comes in.
  3. Add sections for each major component of the feature.
  4. If internal users are testing the product, have them submit feedback as tasks.
    • Have them attach screenshots of the issues or bugs they’re seeing to the task.
    • If a similar piece of feedback has been reported already, you can merge the tasks so that you’re only tracking it in one place.
    • If other employees have similar feedback, they can heart the task to indicate that they agree with it.
  5. If external users are testing the product, encourage customer-facing teammates to submit customer feedback as tasks.
    • If they receive feedback, bug reports, or issues via email, they can turn them into tasks in Asana by forwarding the email to
  6. Ensure there is a recurring task to triage the feedback to make sure it is seen on a regular basis and any issues are followed up on.

    Redesign feedback project in Asana

Do more with product feedback

Create custom fields

As feedback comes in, you can create custom fields to flag it so teammates can proceed accordingly. You can make custom fields for the type of feedback (dislike, neutral, like, love), whether it’s actionable (yes/no), the feedback source, and more. With a quick glance, teammates can see actionable work and start on it, and gauge whether or not a feature is resonating yet.

Track product feedback with custom fields in Asana

Add custom fields to your product feedback by clicking the project actions drop-down menu and selecting Manage Custom Fields. From here you can create and manage your custom fields for feedback, or whatever other data you need to track.

How to create custom fields in Asana How to manage custom fields in Asana

Using Asana to gather product feedback centralizes information, so teams can understand the feedback faster, and take action to fix problems and prioritize development based on user needs. Your team can work together seamlessly to deliver an even better product.

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