Ideas & brainstorms

In Asana, tasks can be the work you own, things you need to get done, or information you want to remember, and not every task needs to be actionable. When it comes to note taking and brainstorming, Asana can fully replace text editors, whiteboards, and notebooks.

Use Asana to brainstorm, prioritize, and implement ideas with your team.

When you want to track inspiring links, ideas, or attachments, make a project you and your team can add to anytime. When you need to brainstorm on a specific topic to help move a project forward, create a Project Conversation. If you want to brainstorm outside of a specific project, have a Team Conversation.

1. Create a project for any shared list

  • Use Quick Add: Just hit the bright orange + button in the top bar, and select Project. From here, you can decide if you want to track your ideas in a list or board and add a description to explain the types of ideas or links your teammates should add.

create a project in Asana from Quick start

  • Share the project with your team.

  • Anyone can add ideas or info as tasks and stay informed when new ideas are added.

To add links to Asana quickly, use the Asana Chrome Extension.

  • If there are different types of ideas in the project, organize them into sections or columns.

  • Use hearts to vote on the ideas. To find out your team’s favorites, just sort the project by hearts.

Vote for ideas with hearts, then sort by hearts

  • When you’re ready to start working on an idea, assign the task and add it to the appropriate project if needed.

  • Use Asana during a brainstorming session instead of a whiteboard to record ideas. You can take notes in the task description, and save the task for reference later on.

  • Use a project to store lists and ideas for anyone to add to, like an interesting articles project.

Interesting Articles project in Asana

2. Start a Project or Team Conversation

  • Start a Project Conversation to generate ideas or gather insight on multiple tasks to move the project forward.

  • Start a Team Conversation when you want to brainstorm team questions, activities, or events.

  • Use the Quick Add menu or go to Conversations in the project navigation to start your Conversation.

  • When your Conversation becomes actionable, create a task directly from it.

Project Conversation on brainstorming ideas

Once you’ve started using Asana for note taking and brainstorming, see how you can use it to create pipelines.

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