Crece junto a nosotros

Asana se compromete a trabajar con socios confiables y talentosos. Únete a nosotros y usa tu experiencia para ayudar a los equipos a tener éxito con Asana.

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Expande tu negocio con Asana

Expande tu negocio

Atrae nuevos clientes e identifica nuevas oportunidades para brindar soporte a los equipos que usan Asana a través de servicios de consultoría, capacitaciones y servicios profesionales.

Amplía tu oferta

Amplía tu oferta

El software de gestión del trabajo está transformando los negocios. Forma parte de una red de socios de primer nivel que ofrecen servicios en este sector de rápido crecimiento.

Recibe capacitación y soporte con Asana

Recibe capacitación y soporte

Accede a recursos de capacitación exclusivos y recibe orientación de un gerente de socio de canal para que puedas brindarles todo el soporte a tus clientes con total confianza.

Tú y Asana. Juntos es mejor.

Descubre por qué las empresas se unen al programa Socios de Asana. Postúlate hoy mismo para formar parte de la comunidad.

Conoce a nuestros socios
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La plataforma de Asana está redefiniendo la forma en que se gestiona el trabajo y estamos orgullosos de formar parte de este proceso como socios. Ayudamos a nuestros clientes a implementar Asana e integrarla con todas sus herramientas, para que los equipos tengan la claridad que necesitan para hacer su trabajo de la mejor manera.
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socio gerente de Generation Digital

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Frequently asked questions

How do I join Asana Partners?
  • Apply on our website:

  • Once your application is accepted, you will receive an email with a link to the Introductory training course for our Asana Academy (powered by Skilljar)

  • Once you have completed the training, you will receive an email with login details for the partner portal and instructions on how to reset your password

  • You’re now ready to sell and service Asana!

Is there a cost to join Asana Partners?

There is no cost to join the Asana Partners Program!

What are the benefits of the program?

Generally speaking, everyone who is an Asana Partner receives:

  • Margins for reselling Asana licenses to your customers

  • Exclusive private training to help you succeed

  • Official program badges to tell your customers about your affiliation and credentials

  • Asana-branded templates, assets, and resources for you to use

  • Support and promotion for hosting your own Asana events and outbound campaigns

Additionally, each partner within Asana Partners may receive additional benefits that are designed to meet the needs of that particular partner.

Please refer to the Asana Partners Handbook for further information.

What are the requirements of the program?

Before partners can begin re-sell Asana products and services, they must:

  • Execute all necessary agreements to sell Asana products and service Asana customers

  • Complete all introductory training courses

  • Pass mandatory export compliance screen

What are the different partner types within the program and which is the right fit for me?
  • Solutions Partners market and resell Asana licenses and manage the entire customer lifecycle. Also known as Value-Added Resellers (VARs), they close opportunities and provide post-sales support with minimal to no involvement from Asana. As compensation for managing the end-to-end needs of the customer, Solutions Partners are eligible to receive a discount on Asana licenses depending on their tier in the Partners Program.

  • Resellers provide transactional support to Asana sales by taking ownership of the billing relationship with customers who wish to purchase indirectly from Asana. Resellers are also eligible to receive a discount on Asana licenses as compensation for facilitating the transaction.

  • Systems Integrators provide services to Asana end-customers in areas such as onboarding, implementation, training, workflow management, etc. They do not resell Asana licenses and are instead focused purely on providing value to Asana customers in the post-sales portion of the customer journey.

What is the billing model for reselling Asana?
  • The Partner invoices the end customer. We strongly recommend, but do not require, invoicing at list price - this allows the Partner to capture the full margin

  • Asana invoices the Partner with the appropriate discount applied (Net-30 payment terms)

What if I want to submit a deal now?
  • The best way to submit a deal to Asana is through the Asana Partner Portal, which can only be accessed once the application and onboarding requirements have been fulfilled. Alternatively, partners may submit orders through the Asana Partner Order Form while they are working towards gaining access to the Asana Partner Portal.

How do renewals work?
  • In order to cancel, you need to provide 30 days notice before renewal

  • Renewals are automatic unless we hear from you (about a downgrade or cancellation)

  • Margins are in perpetuity, so you will receive the same discount/margin