Subtasks, Stories, and Start Dates - July 2018 API Updates

Subtask Ordering

Some of you have long been asking for the ability to insert subtasks in a particular order, or to reorder subtasks within a parent task. Well, the API team has finally cleared out a five-year-old TODO in our codebase and has implemented this feature! Just like when adding tasks to or reordering tasks in a project, you can now specify insert_before or insert_after when calling the setParent endpoint. The new parameters are detailed in our documentation for subtasks.

Editing and Pinning Stories

Since March, the web app has been letting users edit their comments in tasks, and now you can edit them in the API. Comment stories also now have an is_edited field to reflect whether they’ve been edited since creation. We’ve also exposed an is_pinned field for comment and attachment stories that can be set through the API to pin a story to the top of the task. Read more about these fields in our documentation for stories.

Project Start Dates

Another recent addition to the web app is start dates for projects, which have also made it to the API. You can read and write to the start_on field on projects for this new data. Note: project start dates are a premium-only feature.

Cost Limiter

We’ve added a new kind of rate limiting to the API based on the “cost” of your requests. Developers have always been able to choose exactly the data they need using our opt_fields parameter, but the amount of data selected directly affects the amount of resources required to construct the response. We’re now allotting a per-minute quota based on these costs, and a series of extremely expensive requests will result in 429 Too Many Requests responses. Very few developers (about 0.0002%) should actually encounter this, but if you happen to be one of the few, these responses will contain the usual Retry-After header that indicates how long you should wait before trying again. You can read more about this new limiter in our rate limiting documentation.

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