Start Dates & Other Changes - March 2018 API Updates

Start Dates Launch

Late last year, Asana launched Start Dates as a feature for Asana Premium. We’re happy to announce that start dates are now available via the API! As one of the fields you can set on a Task, the start_on field works exactly like the due_on field, where the date is specified in YYYY-MM-DD format.

For more on how start dates work in Asana, be sure to look at our documentation in the Asana Guide.

For more on tasks in the API, including the start_on field, see our API reference on Tasks.

Concurrent Requests Rate Limiter

In order to provide transparency on how we rate-limit incoming requests, we recently wrote documentation on how our rate-limiting works.

Of note is that recently, in addition to standard rate-limiting, we’ve also added in rate limits for concurrent requests. This will be particularly important for an upcoming release, so stay tuned!

Premium-Only Errors

Finally, we made changes to how we handle premium-only errors from our API. In summary, our API will return 402 Payment Required responses for requests that that originate from non-premium workspaces that attempt to access premium features.

We wrote about this extensively in another post, including our apologies for shipping this without communicating the change properly, as well as our migration strategy (and our recommended migration path for developers).

You can read more information about this in our errors documentation under 402 Payment Required.

Coming Soon

We have some features that we’re excited to launch in the next few weeks, so stay tuned! For keeping up with our latest updates, be sure to subscribe to our developer newsletter via the form in the sidebar.