Hearts, recent tasks, and more!

We are happy to announce a few changes to the API that you may or may not have noticed:

  • Hearts are now included by default in both tasks and stories. Hearts can be queried using the new parameters: hearted, hearts, and num_hearts. You can read more about this in our documentation on tasks and stories.
  • Recent tasks. You can now query for recently completed or modified tasks using the new completed_since and modified_since parameters. You can read more in our documentation.
  • User avatars can now be queried with or without specifying a specific photo size. For example, ?opt_fields=photo returns all possible photo sizes, and ?opt_fields=photo.image_128x128 returns one specific photo size.
  • Email visibility. We’ve fixed a small bug where we threw an error when querying for a user’s email that was hidden due to insufficient permissions. Instead, we now return the results and use null for the user’s email.s