The typeahead search API provides search for objects from a single workspace. This endpoint should be used to query for objects when creating an auto-completion/typeahead search feature. This API is meant to provide results quickly and should not be relied upon for accurate or exhaustive search results. The results sets are limited in size and cannot be paginated.

Queries return a compact representation of each object which is typically the id and name fields. Interested in a specific set of fields or all of the fields?! Of course you are. Use field selectors to manipulate what data is included in a response.

Field Description
type project The type of object to look up. You can choose from one of the following: project, user, task, and tag. Note that unlike other endpoints, the types listed here are in singular form. Using multiple types is not yet supported.
query Red The value to look up. This is a string that will be used to search for relevant objects. If an empty string is passed in, the API will currently return an empty set.
count 20 The number of results to return. The default is 20 if this parameter is omitted, with a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 100. If there are fewer results found than requested, all will be returned.


GET    /workspaces/workspace-id/typeahead

This method returns typeahead search results.

Get all users whose names contain “Greg”

# Request
curl -H "Authorization: Bearer <personal_access_token>" ""

# Response
  "data": [
    "id": 999,
    "resource_type": "user"
    "name": "Greg Sanchez",