About Mashable

Asana not only helps us get stuff done, but allows us to see a complete history of what we’ve done together and how we did it.

Mashable’s Mission

Mashable reports on the digital revolution and is the voice of the “Connected Generation.”

Mashable + Asana

Three Mashable articles are shared on a social network every second.

Mashable + Asana

Meet the Mashable team using Asana to deliver content at the speed of social.

Darren Tome DT

VP of Product Management

Lexie Riegelhaupt LR

Marketing and Communications Lead

Jennifer Diamond JD

Director of Creative Services

Bringing Asana to Mashable

Since we launched in 2005, Mashable has stayed deeply committed to an editorial voice that is forward thinking and speaks to the digital generation. Over the past couple of years, Mashable as a company has grown tremendously, doubling our headcount, extending our editorial coverage across different verticals and continuing to develop and innovate as a brand. LR

I needed technology that would help us move fast. The members of Mashable’s product team were senior and self directed, and we needed a lightweight way to make a to-do list, prioritize and ship things off. I’m familiar with many of the existing project management tools, and Asana is the first one I’ve tried that didn’t add any additional overhead to get things done. DT

Spreading Asana to Mashable

The more the product team and I started working with other teams across Mashable, the more Asana spread and became a necessary part of the entire company’s process. I started introducing Asana to different teams, including third party vendors, stating, “Instead of email, let’s try Asana. Let’s see how it goes for one project.“ Asana not only helps us get stuff done, but allows us to see a complete history of what we’ve done together and how we did it. Now, many of our internal teams -- from Sales/Advertising to Editorial Art -- are on Asana. DT

Planning Mashable’s Largest Event Yet

The events team, in particular, has really taken the way we use Asana to a new level. When I sat down with Jennifer, our then Director of Events, we created a shared Asana project for the Mashies Award Site that our team was building for the event. Jennifer and I started communicating in that project and then suddenly, the entire events team picked it up. DT

With Asana, I was easily able to see the big picture, while still managing all of the moving parts, deadlines and deliverables for the Mashies. I was able to easily zoom in and out to see what’s was on the horizon. Events are more successful because there are transparent timelines for what we want to accomplish. We couldn’t have executed the first-ever Mashies Awards as well as we did without Asana. JD

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