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With Asana Together, experts and customers like you can connect to teach, learn, and engage with our team. Find your place in our global community by browsing our offerings below.

Work better together

Working better together is a global movement, and you’re part of it. Our Asana Together community program connects customers and experts around the world to teach, learn, and achieve more—together. Join us!

Lead as an Ambassador

Are you leading the charge as your team's Asana superstar? As an Ambassador, you'll get to connect with other Asana fans around the world to share tips, get product insights, and meet the people who create Asana. You'll even get access to exclusive Asana swag for you and your team!

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Offer Asana consulting as a Certified Pro

If you're a consultant and want to offer Asana to your clients, the Certified Pro program is for you. Certified Pros can officially consult on Asana, with exclusive training and resources from us. You’ll even get listed in our consultant directory to boost your profile.

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Learn about the power of planning from Asana Together.

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Meet the members of Asana Together

If you’re the team’s go-to Asana champion, you’d make a great Ambassador. You’ll get sneak peeks into launches, members-only swag, access to our Ambassador network, and exclusive education resources.

Picture of Stacey Pringle, Asana Ambassador

“Asana completely disrupted our Marketing and Design workflow in the most productive way possible, allowing us to achieve things we never thought possible. Since joining the Asana Together Community as an Ambassador I have been guided and given the tools to be able to empower other teams in the company to do their best work.”

Stacey Pringle, Asana Ambassador

Design and Marketing at Peninsula Leisure

Melbourne, New South Wales, Australia

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Picture of Akua Nyame–Mensah, Asana Certified Pro

“Being part of the Asana Together program has opened my eyes to the different ways that Asana can be leveraged. I enjoy the flexibility that Asana provides and look forward to working with others to help them figure out how Asana can be used to connect intentionally and get things done confidently.”

Akua Nyame–Mensah, Asana Certified Pro

Business Consultant & Professional Coach

Lagos, Nigeria

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Picture of Angel Rodrigo González Ochoa, Asana Ambassador

“The flexibility of the workflow in Asana is incredible – it gives me the versatility to handle teams with different types of methodologies, as well as support with my personal needs. Being part of the Asana Together community has helped me get the best productivity from the tool and through my work with teams.”

Angel Rodrigo González Ochoa, Asana Ambassador

Business Administrator

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

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