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You’re already talking about Asana online, so why not establish yourself as an Asana expert by leading conversations in the Community Forum?

Help people globally get more out of Asana

Being a Forum Champion connects you to the global network of other Asana experts and exclusive behind-the-scenes Asana knowledge. You’ll be a key resource to ask and answer questions, with opportunities to directly connect with the Asana team for feedback, sneak peeks, and of course, lots of swag and goodies.

Picture of Katie Reynolds, Asana Forum Champion

“The Asana Community Forum is an extremely welcoming and helpful resource for anyone using Asana. There is always someone to help within the community, either an Asana employee, an Asana Together member, or one of the hundreds of thousands of engaged Asana users. I encourage you to come and experience it for yourself!”

Katie Reynolds, Asana Forum Champion

Senior Research Associate, Lakeland Community College

Kirtland, Ohio USA

Picture of Phil Seeman, Asana Forum Champion

“I really enjoy supporting people in getting the most out of Asana. What I love best about the forum is the positive tone and appreciative nature of the Asana community.”

Phil Seeman, Asana Forum Champion

President, More Productive Now LLC

Washington, DC, USA

Picture of Mark Hudson, Asana Forum Champion

“When I first joined the Asana Community, I made so many discoveries just by reading through other people’s experiences and advice. Now, as an advanced user, I’m eager to pass on my own experiences, hopefully helping others to improve their everyday work in Asana. I’m proud to be part of the collective knowledge that is contained in the Community, and I’m still learning new things about Asana all the time.”

Mark Hudson, Asana Forum Champion

Qualification Developer for NCFE

Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

As a Forum Champion, you’ll…

Get access to exclusive resources

Get recognized by your peers

Share your program badge on social media and in our Community Forum to show your Champion status.

Get access to exclusive resources

Get access to exclusive resources

We’ll give you unique content that delights you, improves your Asana knowledge, and up-levels you professionally.

Be an insider

Be an insider

Forum Champions get insider access to the Asana team, private webinars, and product previews. You’re part of the Asana family!

Connect, share, and learn

Connect, share, and learn

You’ll be invited to private members-only discussions with other Forum Champions where you can discuss best practices for working with forum participants.

Get first-class support

Get first-class support

Get your Asana questions answered fast with priority support access, exclusively for program members.

Earn rewards

Earn rewards

Refer customers and earn commission, Asana swag, and more.

Become an Asana Forum Champion

Get started by creating an Asana Community Forum profile.

Frequently asked questions

Do I qualify to become an Asana Forum Champion?

If you’re an Asana fan, want to show your expertise and help other Asana customers, and feel inspired to create four posts each month, then the Forum Champion program is for you!

What do I get for participating?

We love that you’re spreading the word about Asana, and want to thank you for doing so. Please see above for an overview of program benefits.

What am I expected to do as a Asana Forum Champion?

Asana Forum Champions are expected to post in the Community Forum at least four times each month.

Can I be a member of more than one group in Asana Together? (ex. Asana Ambassador and Certified Pro)

No, you can only be in one program at a time.

What is PartnerStack?

PartnerStack is the application that houses the tools and resources you need as an Asana Certified Pro. It will also let you connect with the Asana team, manage your referrals, and collect any bonuses.

What other opportunities are there for me to get involved with Asana?

We have lots of ways for you to get connected with other people in the Asana community. Learn more about Asana Together, our community program.