Sling & Stone manages client campaigns more efficiently with Asana

Sling & Stone
  • Sling & Stone logo
  • Company size
    • 55 employees in 3 countries
  • Locations
    • 3 offices in Sydney, Auckland, and Los Angeles

ROI of Asana

  • Internal scrum meetings reduced by 30%
  • Meeting preparation time cut by 15%
  • Streamlined pitch process leading to more clients

Sling & Stone is a PR agency that helps future-shaping brands launch, grow and manage their reputations. Their client roster is filled with impressive companies like Uber, Twitter, Slack, Domain, Xero, and Deputy. Over the last nine years, Sling & Stone has grown to 55 employees spread across three offices in Sydney, Auckland and Los Angeles. At the heart of their success? A commitment to using cutting edge technology to work efficiently and provide the best value to their clients.

James Hutchinson is Sling & Stone’s Global Head of Business. He also serves as the head of IT and one of his top priorities is to ensure the agency is using the best tools available to cut through needless admin tasks and work smarter. Sling & Stone prides itself on working as an extension of their client’s teams as opposed to distant contractors. James knows that if Sling & Stone is going to continue delivering on this experience, they need to maintain efficient processes and effective communication to deliver for their clients.

“With Asana, we’ve cut internal scrum meetings by 30% and meeting preparation time by up to 15%. As a result, we now have more time to put towards executing campaigns for our clients.”

Choosing a work management tool

When James started five years ago, Asana had already been implemented. It was up to James to carry the torch and ensure using Asana was made part of the company culture and utilised in the best way possible.

When it came to choosing a work management tool, James told us the agency had very clear needs. They needed to be able to collaborate internally and externally with clients, quickly understand the status of any project, and customise workflows to suit different campaigns.

The team was drawn to several features in Asana:

  • Structured projects that allowed complete visibility into all tasks, responsibilities, and deadlines.
  • Real-time reporting to easily share status updates with clients.
  • Integration with the other tools they use to reduce duplicate work.

Instilling Asana into company culture

Today every new client campaign campaign at Sling & Stone is kicked off inh Asana. All action items, status updates, roles, and responsibilities are captured in projects so the Sling & Stone team and their clients are aligned at all times.

To get the most out of Asana, the team identified clear processes and established conventions around best practices. For example, list projects are used to manage clients on retainer and boards layouts are used to manage individual campaigns since it’s easier to delineate project phases with boards.

Using the Gmail and Slack integrations is also key to Sling & Stone’s efficiency. Being able to create tasks in Asana from emails and Slack messages prevents communication breakdowns and helps the team keep track of all requests in one place.

By setting these conventions, Sling & Stone ensures their global team is using Asana the same way, keeping projects running smoothly at all times no matter the time zone or continent.

Working faster and attracting new clients

Asana keeps James and the Sling & Stone team fast-moving and efficient so they can spend more time executing killer campaigns and less time searching for assets and updates. Another win for the team has been managing their new business pitches in Asana. Now they have more time to put into the actual pitch and clarity around deadlines.

“Over the last five years, our team of 55 has completed 300 projects and nearly 70,000 tasks for our clients with Asana.”

The team at Sling & Stone is passionate about working with disruptive brands around the world, and using Asana helps them continue to shake up industries and spread innovative messages. Looking to the future, the agency plans to keep scaling globally and driving even stronger campaigns. Asana will continue to play a pivotal part in their success working as part of their suite of tech tools used to work more efficiently.

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