Burnerāsana: Stress-free Playa Preparation

Asana's been invaluable to the Chillage. We hope it serves you too.

Playa checklists

Whether leading a camp or attending solo, there are dozens of things to remember to do and bring. We collected all the basics in one place.

Track & coordinate

Track all your to-dos, easily coordinate responsibilities among camp members, and keep all the discussions in one place.

Make it your own

By reducing busy-work of smoothly coordinating infrastructure, you can devote more time to the things that make your camp special.

Step 1:

Get an account

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Sign Up for Asana

Step 2:

Coordinate your camp

Create Camp Workspace

Step 3:

Prepare your own journey

Create Personal Packing List

Step 4:


Invite your co-creators, and enjoy organizational bliss!