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theMoment for Google Meet + Asana

Bookmark Meet recordings when your team discusses each Asana task.

What is theMoment for Google Meet?

Asana automatically bookmarks your Google Meet recordings exactly when you discuss each task.

Share these bookmarks to:

  • Take shorter notes … and simply link to what happened.
  • On-ramp faster … by watching one task over time.
  • Skip meetings … but catch teammate’s bookmarks.

How to use theMoment for Google Meet with Asana

  • Install the Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store .
  • During your next Google Meet, bookmark important moments during the meeting. Notice that Asana automatically bookmarks when you view each task.
  • After the meeting, play the recording from your Google Drive. You can jump to and share your bookmarks.

Learn more and get support

To get help with theMoment for Google Meet, go to their support page.

For support, email

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