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Replay clips from your meeting recordings that relate to each Asana task.

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Install theMoment for Asana

What is theMoment?

Do you share Asana on your screen while video conferencing with Zoom, BlueJeans, Google Meet or others? theMoment automatically tags the timecode in your meeting recordings when you discuss each Asana task. Now you can point to what happened instead of writing it up.

Perfect recall — despite shorter notes Fewer meetings — while remaining more in sync *Faster On-ramp — despite little documentation

How to use theMoment

Setup is easy:

  • Install the Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store .
  • When you start a meeting, choose "Tag live meeting" from

Later, see your moments within the meeting recordings. And see clips that relate to the current task by clicking theMoment icon in the top right-corner of Chrome.

Learn more and get support

To get help with theMoment for Google Meet, go to their support page.

For support, email

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