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BugMuncher + Asana

Get website feedback and customer surveys sent directly to your Asana projects.

What is BugMuncher?

BugMuncher is the original visual website feedback tool, making it easy for you to get feedback, bug reports, and user surveys directly from you website. Submissions through BugMuncher can also include highly accurate annotated screenshots and a host of useful information about the user and their device.

With BugMuncher’s Asana integration, all submissions through BugMuncher can be sent directly to your Asana projects in real-time. Full details will be included in the task, and screenshots attached as files.

With BugMuncher and Asana, feedback from your users can become actionable tasks in your Asana project.

How to collect BugMuncher feedback in Asana tasks

  1. Log in/register to BugMuncher
  2. Click on Third-party Integrations from the main menu
  3. Click the blue Setup New Integration button, and choose Asana from the drop-down list
  4. Click the Connect to Asana button to link your BugMuncher and Asana accounts
  5. Choose your Asana Project and enter a Task Name
  6. Click Save and that’s it.

Learn more and get support

For help, additional instructions are available on the BugMuncher guide. You can also contact their suppport team directly.

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