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Eliminate manual work, boost productivity

What is Azuqua?

Azuqua is a no-code cloud integration platform that connects Asana to hundreds of other applications, making it easy to create powerful automations that improve both the customer and employee experience. The platform is designed to go beyond plug-and-play integrations, making enterprise-grade scenarios possible with hundreds of comprehensive API connectors and a rich library of business logic and data processing functions.

App Benefits:

Integrate with clicks, not code: Azuqua’s no-code drag-and-drop platform breaks down technical barriers so you can connect all your applications and build powerful automations without specialized skills or custom code.

Eliminate manual work, boost productivity: Automate repetitive work and business processes; eliminate data replication, manual data syncing, and copy-and-paste data entry errors – allowing you to do more purpose-driven, higher value work.

Develop repeatable, predictable customer journeys: Break down data silos, connect isolated applications, enable data-driven decision-making, streamline the customer experience, and surface valuable customer intelligence and insights.

Get started quickly — Build your own custom FLO or choose from one of our templates:

1) New tasks in Salesforce create new tasks in Asana 2) Create Jira tasks when new Asana tasks are created

How to configure project settings

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